Superman Covers All Over the World

Superman Covers from Japan, Lebano, Italy, Mexico, India...

A Cover From Japan:

A 118 pages issue, with 5 adventures: 1. The one from the cover: 'Who Took the Super out of Superman' (The cover is From SUPERMAN 297 March 1976 seeing as a mirror, the adventure is from SUPERMAN 296 Feb. 1976), 2. a Wonder Woman adventure, 3. 'The Challenge of Terra-Man', 4. 'Love and the Single Dog' about Krypto and 5. 'The Visitors from the Void' with Supergirl. There also are mail, contests, an announcement of a Superman Vs. Mohamend Ali issue, 22 Superman drawn by different artists. 21 color pages in the first adventure, the rest in black and white. In English only the titles and authors.

A Cover From Lebano:

A 36 pages issue, written totally in Arabian. Tho cover and the Superman adventure is the one from ACTION COMICS 442 JAN 1975: 'At Last! Clark Kent--Super-Hero'. The edge is on the right and you must read it from left to right. Inside the issue the color alternate, black and white and black and orange. There is a Joe Kubert's Tarzan poster in the middle, plus mail whit pictures of who has written, pastimes and publicity.

A Cover From Italy:

A 36 pages issue, with 3 adventures: 1. The one from the cover: 'La Ragazza dai Capelli Verdi' ('The Girl With Green Hair' from SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN NO.51 March 1961), 2. A Supergirl story (named in Italy Nembo Star), 3. A Krypto adventure. There also are mail and publicity.

A Cover From Mexico:

A 36 pages issue. Beeing the number one from Editorial Novaro, Mexico is a copy of SUPERMAN NO.73 NOV-DEC 1951 with the same 3 adventures (1. 'Hank Garvin, Man of Steel', 2. The Mighty Mite!', 3. 'Perry White Vs. Clark Kent'.) and some differences in the publicity.

A Cover From India:

A 32 pages issue, written totally in Hindi. The edge is on the left (Western). Inside the issue there are a Superman adventure plus a Batman adventure both in color. We can see in English, the credit in the Splash Page of Batman: Printed and published in Madras (India) by DOLTON PUBLICATIONS. There in also an advertisement: CHANDAMANA. THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE FOR CHILDREN and in the back cover: 1-15 September 1982. Super Comics. Hindi Fortnightly.

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