The First Forty Years

1935 - 1981


Before seeing above all Superman issues chronologically related from 1938 to 1996, here you have an interesting article published in 1981 by a British collection: THE SUPER HEROES MONTHLY Volume 2, No.2 & No.3, compiled by Dave Procket.


Feb. ///// NEW FUN COMICS No.1, the first DC comic.
Dec. ///// NEW COMICS No.1 published.


Jan. ///// NEW FUN COMICS becomes MORE FUN COMICS with No.7.


Jan. ///// NEW COMICS becomes NEW ADVENTURE COMICS with No.12.
Mar. ///// DETECTIVE COMICS No.1 published.


June ///// ACTION COMICS makes its debut starring Superman and Zatara.
Oct. ///// NEW ADVENTURE COMICS changes title to ADVENTURE COMICS with No.31.
Nov. ///// Crimson Avenger makes his debut in DETECTIVE COMICS No.20.


NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR COMICS published featuring Superman.
April ///// ALL-AMERICAN COMICS No.1 published.
May ///// Batman debuts in DETECTIVE COMICS No.27.
Summer ///// The first four Superman stories from ACTION 1-4 are rearranged and slightly edited for a one-shot magazine, SUPERMAN No.1.


FLASH COMICS No.1. makes its debut, also featuring Hawkman.
NEW YORK WORLDS FAIR COMICS published starring Superman & Batman.
Feb. ///// Spectre debuts (through out of costume) in MORE FUN COMICS No.52.
Mar. ///// Hourman begins his series of adventures in ADVENTURE COMICS No.48.
April ///// Luthor makes first ever appearance in ACTION No.23.
April ///// Robin joins Batman in his crusade against crime in DETECTIVE COMICS No.38.
May. ///// Dr. Fate makes his debut in MORE FUN COMICS No.55.
Summer ///// BATMAN No.1 published with first appearance of The Joker and Catwoman.
Summer ///// ALL-STAR COMICS No.1 published, featuring Flash, Hourman, Spectre, Ultra-Man and others in separate stories.
July ///// Green Lantern premieres in ALL-AMERICAN COMICS No.16.
Oct. ///// The Atom (referred to as 'The Mighty Atom') debuts in ALL-AMERICAN COMICS No.19.
Winter ///// Origin of Justice Society of America in ALL STAR COMICS No.3.


Spring ///// First Wonder Woman in ALL-STAR COMICS No.8.
Spring ///// WORLD'S BEST COMICS No.1 featuring Superman and Batman.
April ///// Starman introduced in ADVENTURE COMICS No.61.
Summer ///// First edition of ALL-FLASH COMICS published.
Summer ///// WORLD'S BEST changes name to WORLD'S FINEST with the second issue.
Sept. ///// Shining Knight introduced in ADVENTURE COMICS No.66.
Fall ///// GREEN LANTERN No.1 published.
Nov. ///// Young Jimmy Olsen makes his first public showing in SUPERMAN No.13.


Jan. ///// SENSATION COMICS No.1 launched, featuring Wonder Woman, Wildcat and Mr. Terrific.
April ///// Both The Newsboy Legion and Robotman make their first appearance in STAR-SPANGLED COMICS No.7.
Summer ///// WONDER WOMAN No.1 published.


May. ///// STAR-SPANGLED No.20 introduces Liberty Belle.
Winter ///// COMIC CAVALCADE launched featuring Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, etc.


The One and only edition of THE BIG ALL-AMERICAN COMIC BOOK starring, amongst others, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Ghost Patrol and Wildcat.


Jan. ///// First appearance of Superboy ('The adventures of Superman when he was a boy') in MORE FUN COMICS No.101.


March ///// Superboy switches to ADVENTURE COMICS with isuue No.103.


Aug. ///// Black Canary first featured in FLASH COMICS No.86.


Sept. ///// DALE EVANS No.1 published.
Nov. ///// ALL-AMERICAN COMICS drops superheroes to become ALL-AMERICAN WESTERN with No.103.


Mar. ///// SUPERBOY No.1 published.
Oct. ///// ADVENTURES OF ALAN LADD first published.


July ///// DANGER TRAIL No.1 published.
Aug. ///// STRANGE ADVENTURES No.1 published.


Jan. ///// BIG TOWN No.1 published.
April ///// ALL-STAR COMICS becomes ALL-STAR WESTERN with No.58 End of the JSA.
April ///// MYSTERY IN SPACE No.1.
June ///// The origin and first appearance of Capt. Comet in STRANGE ADVENTURES No.9.


Jan. ///// REX THE WONDER DOG first published.
July ///// SENSATION COMICS becomes SENSATION MYSTERY with No.110.
Aug. ///// PHANTOM STRANGER No.1 (First Series).
Dec. ///// HOUSE OF MYSTERY No.1 hits the stands.


July ///// Due to the decrease in the number of pages from 48 to 32, Superman and Batman join forces begining with WORLD'S FINEST No.71.
Sept. ///// Doubtles aided by Jack Larson's portrayal of his role in the popular Superman TV series, JIMMY OLSEN awarded his own comic.


Jan. ///// MY GREATEST ADVENTURE No.1 published.
July ///// BRAVE & BOLD No.1 published featuring Viking Prince and Silent Knight amongst others.
Nov. ///// J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars first appears in DETECTIVE COMICS No.255.


Feb. ///// TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED No.1 appeared.
Oct. ///// 'Silver Age' Flash debuts in SHOWCASE No.4.
Nov. ///// HOUSE OF SECRETS No.1 published.


Feb. ///// Challengers Of The Unknown premiere in SHOWCASE No.6.
Aug. ///// Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane appears solo in SHOWCASE No.9.


April ///// LOIS LANE No.1.
April ///// Superboy meets the founder members of the Legion Of Super Heroes, Saturn girl, Lightning Lad & cosmic Boy in ADVENTURE COMICS No.247.
Aug. ///// Space Ranger debuts in SHOWCASE No.15.
Dec. ///// Earth archaeologist Adam Strange is struck by his first Zeta-beam and teleported to the planet Rann for the first time in SHOWCASE No.17.


Feb. ///// Following four succesful tryouts in SHOWCASE (Nos. 4, 8, 13 & 14), the new FLASH is awarded his own comic begining with No.105, the numbering continuing from where the original Flash left off.
May ///// ACTION COMICS No.252 provides Superman with a Kryptonian ally as his cousin Supergirl arrives from outer space.
June ///// Rip Hunter - Time Master experiences his inaugural voyage through the fourth dimension in SHOWCASE No.20.
Aug. ///// Space Ranger & Co. graduate from SHOWCASE to their own series, begining in TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED No.40.
Aug. ///// Adam Strange begins his residency in MYSTERY IN SPACE from No.53.
Oct. ///// To follow up the success of the new Flash, a contemporary Green Lantern is launched in SHOWCASE No.22.


Jan. ///// Kid Flash origin in FLASH No.110.
Feb. ///// The Sea Devils make their first dive in SHOWCASE No.27.
March ///// BRAVE & BOLD introduces The Justice League Of America - Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and J'onn J'onzz - a modern day counterpart of the JSA of the 40's.
May ///// FLASH No.112 introduces The Elongated Man.
June ///// The Atomic Knights emerge from the holocaust of World War Three in STRANGE ADVENTURES No.117.
Aug. ///// GREEN LANTERN makes No.1 of his own magazine following his three Showcases issues.
Oct. ///// A trend is started with publication of GIANT SUPERMAN ANNUAL No.1. A collection of Superman Family reprints.
Nov. ///// Another successful revival - JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No.1 following the highly acclaimed BRAVE & BOLD issues.


Feb. ///// After many years as a back-up feature, Aquaman starts a series of try-outs starting with SHOWCASE No.30.
March. ///// The 'new' Hawkman displayed for the first time in BRAVE & BOLD No.34.
April ///// Another staple feature of the Superman legend introduced as Superboy stumbles into the Phantom Zone in ADVENTURE COMICS No.283.
May ///// The Justice League add their first new member with the induction of Green Arrow in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No.4.
May ///// Supergirl and Brainiac 5 join The Legion of Superheroes in a story wich also introduces Phantom Girl, Shrinking Violet and Bouncing Boy: ACTION COMICS No.276.
June ///// Mon-El introduced in SUPERBOY No.89.
June ///// Tales Of The Bizarro World begin in ADVENTURE COMICS No.285.
Sept. ///// Flash meets Flash and the entire Earth-2 concept introduced via 'Flash Of Two Worlds' in FLASH No.123.
Oct. ///// 'Silver Age' Atom previewd in SHOWCASE No.34.
Oct. ///// First Giant BATMAN ANNUAL.
Oct. ///// Fandom's first gift from the industry - a volume of famous first in teh form of SECRET ORIGINS , an 80-page reprint book shocasing The superman/Batman team, flash, Green Lantern, Adam Strange and others. Nov. ///// Intro of LSH member, Sun Boy, in ADVENTURE COMICS NO.290.


Feb. ///// Origin of JLA in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No.9.
Feb. ///// Publication of AQUAMAN No.1.
Feb. ///// The existence of Supergirl made known to the world in ACTION COMICS No.285.
April ///// Metal Men 'forged' in SHOWCASE No.37.
July ///// ATOM No.1 hit the news-stands.
July ///// First Ultra Boy appearance in SUPERBOY No.93.
July ///// Hawkman begins second series of try-outs with BRAVE & BOLD No.42.
Sept. ///// Atom admitted to Justice League in JLA No.14.
Sept. ///// Legion series begins in ADVENTURE COMICS No.300.


Jan. ///// Strange Sports series begun in BRAVE & BOLD No.45.
Jan. ///// Superman and Jimmy Olsen become Nightwing and Flamebird in SUPERMAN No.158.
May ///// METAL MEN launched in own tittle.
June ///// First Doom Patrol story featured in MY GREATEST ADVENTURE No.80.
Aug. ///// The Justice League meet their counterparts, The Justice Society, for the very first time in JLA No.21.
Oct. ///// Jimmy (Elastic Lad) Olsen joins Legion in JIMMY OLSEN No.72.
Nov. ///// In between Brave & Bold and his own title, short series for Hawkman starts in MYSTERY IN SPACE No.87.
Nov. ///// Another trend begins -team ups- in BRAVE & BOLD No.50 starting with Green Arrow and J'onn J'onzz.
Dec. ///// First FLASH ANNUAL.


March ///// My Greatest Adventure becomes Doom Patrol with issue 86.
May ///// 'New Look' Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS No.327 , also start of Elongated Man series.
May ///// Publication of HAWKMAN No.1.
July ///// Nucleus of Teen Titans (Robin/Kid flash/Aqualad) in BRAVE & BOLD No.54.
Nov. ///// Hawkman augments JLA from their 31st edition.
Nov. ///// First appearance of Zatanna in HAWKMAN No.4.


Jan. ///// The unfortunate Rex Morgan becomes Metamorpho in BRAVE & BOLD No.57.
April ///// JSA members Dr. Fate and Hourman feature in SHOWCASE No.55.
May ///// First Batman team-up , with Green Lantern in BRAVE & BOLD No.59.
July ///// Teen Titans in BRAVE & BOLD No.60.
Aug. ///// METAMORPHO No.1. published.
Sept. ///// JSA members Starman and Black Canary star in BRAVE & BOLD No.61.


Jan. ///// Dial H For Hero begins in HOUSE OF MYSTERY No.156.
Feb. ///// Spectre begins a trial run in SHOWCASE No.60.
Feb. ///// TEEN TITANS receive their own title.
March ///// 3D Batman from 1953 reprinted.
July ///// Princess Projectra, Karate Kid and Ferro Lad all introduced in ADVENTURE No.346.


May ///// With HOUSE OF MYSTERY No.174, the established mystery format begins.
Oct. ///// Boston Brand dies and Deadman born in STRANGE ADVENTURES No.205.
Dec. ///// SPECTRE No.1 appears.


Feb. ///// Shadow Lass meets Legion in ADVENTURE No.365.
April ///// Steve Ditko introduces The Creeper in SHOWCASE No.73.
May ///// Anthro debuts in SHOWCASE No.74.
June ///// Again from Ditko; first Hawk & Dove in SHOWCASE No.75.
June ///// CREEPER No.1 published.
July ///// Bat Lash starts shooting in SHOWCASE No.76.
Aug. ///// ANTHRO gets own comic.
Aug. ///// Red tornado introduced in JUSTICE LEAGUE No.64.
Sept. ///// First issue of regular HAWK & DOVE title.
Nov. ///// Atom/Hawkman amalgamation begins in ATOM No.39.
Nov. ///// BAT LASH in own title.
Nov. ///// Legion Of Super Heroes move to ACTION COMICS with No.378.


May ///// J'onn J'onzz leaves JLA in issue No.70.
May ///// Nightmare starts in SHOWCASE No.82.
June ///// PHANTOM STRANGER (second series) begins.
Aug. ///// Wonder Girl gets new costume in TEEN TITANS No.22.
Sept. ///// HOUSE OF SECRETS revived with issue 81 in mystery format.
Nov. ///// Black Canary switches Earths in JLA No.75.


April ///// Neal Adams brings in the new look Green Lantern in GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW No.76.
June ///// First appearance of Manbat in DETECTIVE COMICS No.400.
Sept. ///// ALL STAR WESTERN revived.
Nov. ///// El Diablo introduced in ALL STAR WESTERN No.2.


Jan. ///// 'New Look' Superman. Clark Kent becomes TV reporter in SUPERMAN No.233.
March ///// More Kirby: MISTER MIRACLE No.1.
June ///// First showing of Ras Al Ghul and Talia in BATMAN No.232.
July ///// Swamp Thing's initital story in HOUSE OF SECRETS No.92.
Oct. ///// WEIRD WAR No.1 published.
Oct. ///// Kirby magazines: First and only editions of SPIRIT WORLD and IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB published.


March ///// DC published TARZAN beginning with issue No.203.
March ///// Jonah Hex unleashed in ALL STAR WESTERN No.10.
July ///// ALL STAR WESTERNN becomes WEIRD WESTERN from No.12.
Nov. ///// KAMANDI No.1 from Kirby.
Nov. ///// SWAMP THING No.1 from Berni Wrightson and Len Wein.
Dec. ///// First Human Target in ACTION No.419.


Feb. ///// SHAZAM No.1 hits the stands.
May ///// JLA No.105 includes The Elongated Man.
June ///// Wildfire added to LSH roster in SUPERBOY No.195.
July ///// First Munhunter in DETECTIVE No.437.
Aug. ///// Red Tornado made a JLA member in JLA No.106.
Sept. ///// Legion becomes regular feature as of SUPERBOY No.197.
Oct. ///// Freedom Fighters origin in JLA No.107.
Nov. ///// SHADOW No.1 appears.


Feb. ///// Spectre series begins in ADVENTURE No.431.
May ///// RIMA THE JUNGLE GIRL No.1 published.
Oct. ///// Yet another Kirby first issue - OMAC (One Man Army Corps).
Dec. ///// First edition of AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS published.


Jan. ///// BATMAN No.1 reprinted in ground-breaking FAMOUS FIRST EDITIONS series.
May ///// BEOWULF No.1 published.
June ///// Joe Kubert introduces TOR No.1.
Oct. ///// BATMAN FAMILY No.1 published.
Nov. ///// Warlod introduced in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL No.8.


Feb. ///// ALL STAR COMICS revived, beginning with issue 57; intro of Power Girl and Super-Squad.
Feb. ///// WARLORD forst enjoys his own title.
April ///// First Edition of FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
Sept. ///// RAGMAN No.1 published.


April ///// JONAH HEX No.1 published.
April ///// BLACK LIGHTNING introduced in his own publication.
April ///// Dawnstar joins the Legion in SUPERBOY No.226.
July ///// Ditko unleashes his new creation: SHADE THE CHANGING MAN.
Sept. ///// SHOWCASE revived featuring a new Doom Patrol in inssue No.94,
Sept. ///// Origin of JSA in DC SPECIAL No.29.
Oct. ///// Star Hunters showcased in DC SUPER-STARS No.16.
Nov. ///// STAR HUNTERS No.1 published.
Dec. ///// Origin of Huntress in DC SUPERSTARS No.17.


March ///// Origin and first appearance of Firestorm in FIRESTORM No.1.
Aug. ///// Superman gets his own team up magazine: DC COMICS PRESENTS.
Oct. ///// ADVENTURE becomes DOLLAR COMICS featuring Flash, Deadman and others.
Dec. ///// Zatana gains League membership in JLANo.161.


July ///// WORLD OF KRYPTON mini-series begins.
Oct. ///// Special anniversary edition: ACTION COMICS No.500.


Jan. ///// Superboy loses his own title to Legion of Superheroes from No.259 and gets a new title: NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY.
Jan. ///// ADVENTURE No.467 features new Starman and Plastic Man.
April ///// First UK artist to illustrate DC cover Brian Bolland on GREEN LANTERN No.127.
June ///// A new JLA member -Firestorm in JLA N0.179.
July ///// UNTOLD LEGEND OF BATMAN miniseries begins.
Aug. ///// Special anniversary edition: FLASH No. 300.
Sept. ///// Hountress Series begins in WONDER WOMAN No.271.
Sept. ///// Aquaman added to ADVENTURE from No.475.
Oct. ///// New Teen titans preview in DC COMICS PRESENTS No.26.
Nov. ///// Publication of NEW TEEN TITANS No.1.


Jan. ///// SECRETS OF THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES mini-series begins.
Feb. ///// New version of dial H For Hero preview in LEGION No.272.
March ///// Dial H For Hero begins regular run starting in ADVENTURE No. 479.
March ///// Another special anniversary issue: DETECTIVE COMICS No.500.
May ///// TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS mini-series begins.
June ///// One-shot publication of MADAME XANADU.
Sept. ///// KRYPTON KRHONICLES mini-series begins.
Sept. ///// First issue of Roy Thomas'DC titles ARAK, SON OF THUNDER and ALL STRAR SQUADRON.

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