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ADVENTURE COMICS NO.232 by Curt Swan & Stan Kaye


ADVENTURE 210/1 MAR 'The Super-Dog from Krypton!' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye)

SUPERBOY 39/1 MAR 'The Boy Tycoon of Smallville!' (John Sikela)
39/2 'The Great Kryptonite Hunt!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)
39/3 'The Boy with Superboy Powers!' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 211/1 APR 'Superboy's Most Amazing Dream' (C. Swan & S. Kaye) (VN 68)

SUPERBOY 40/1 APR 'The Boy of Clay' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel) (VN 66)
40/2 'The School of Geniuses' (John Sikela)
40/3 'The Magic necklace' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 212/1 MAY 'Superboy's Robot Twin!' (Curt Swan &: Stan Kaye)

ADVENTURE 213/1 JUN 'The Junior Jury of Smallville' (John Sikela) (VN 72)

SUPERBOY 41/1 JUN 'Superboy Meets Superbrave' (C. Swan & Creig Flessel) (VN 70)
41/2 'Los jóvenes investigadores de Villachica' (John Sikela)
41/3 'El dilema de papá Kent' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 214/1 JUL 'The Dog of Steel!' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye) (VN 76)

SUPERBOY 42/1 JUL 'Superboy's Two Rivals' (John Sikela) (VN 74)
42/2 'Superboy Stoaway' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel or John Fischetti) (Inker Source = GCD)
42/3 'The Gaucho of Smallville' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 215/1 AUG 'The Super Hobby of Superboy!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel) (VN 80)

ADVENTURE 216/1 SEP 'The Wizard City' (Curt Swan & George Klein) (VN 84)

SUPERBOY 43/1 SEP 'The Great Superboy Souvenir Hunt' (John Sikela) (VN 78)
43/2 'The Super-Farmer of Smallville' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti) (Inker Source = GCD)
43/3 'Preceptor de Clark Kent' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 217/1 OCT 'Superboy's Farewell to Smallville' (Swan & Flessel) (VN 88)

SUPERBOY 44/1 OCT 'The Amazing Adventures of Superboy's Costume!' (John Sikela)
44/2 'The Jobs Superboy Lost!' (John Sikela)
44/3 'Clark Kent Strongman!' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 218/1 NOV 'The Two Worlds of Superboy' (Swan & Flessel) (VN 92)

ADVENTURE 219/1 DEC 'The Gorilla With X-Ray Eyes' (Swan & Flessel) (VN 96)

SUPERBOY 45/1 DEC 'The Incredible Superboy Auction' (John Sikela) (VN 86)
45/2 'The Secret of the Super Charades' (John Sikela)
45/3 'A Trap for Superboy' (John Sikela)


ADVENTURE 220/1 JAN 'The Greatest Show on Earth' (Swan & Flessel) (VN 100)

SUPERBOY 46/1 JAN 'The Boy Wizard' (John Sikela) (VN 90)
46/2 'The Silliest Jobs in the World' (John Sikela)
46/3 'The Battle of Fort Smallville' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 221/1 FEB 'The Baby of Steel' (John Sikela) (VN 104)

ADVENTURE 222/1 MAR 'Superboy's Repeat Performance' (John Sikela) (VN 108)

(VN 108)

SUPERBOY 47/1 MAR 'Clark Kent's Best Pal' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)(VN 94)
47/2 'The 100 Grand Question' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)
47/3 'Superboy Meets Superman' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)

ADVENTURE 223/1 APR 'Hercules, Junior' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti) (VN 112)

SUPERBOY 48/1 APR 'Dad Kent's Delusions' (Swan & Ray Burnley) (VN 98)
48/2 'Lana Lang's Super-Powers' (John Sikela)
48/3 'The Boy Without a Supersuit' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)

ADVENTURE 224/1 MAY 'Pa Kent, Superman' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel) (VN 116)

ADVENTURE 225/1 JUN 'The Bird With Super-Powers' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye) (VN 122)

SUPERBOY 49/1 JUN 'The Loneliest Boy in Town' (John Sikela) (VN 102)
49/2 'Lana Lang's Secret Indentity' (John Sikela)
49/3 'Metallo of Krypton' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 226/1 JUL 'Superboy's Flying Rivals' (John Sikela) (VN 125)

SUPERBOY 50/1 JUL 'The Boy Who Stole Superboy's Identity' (John Sikela) (VN 106)
50/2 'There is no Superboy' (John Sikela)
50/3 'The Super Giant of Smallville' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)

ADVENTURE 227/1 AUG 'The Good Samaritan of Smallville' (Swan & John Fischetti) (VN 133)

ADVENTURE 228/1 SEP 'Clark Kent's Bodyguard' (John Sikela) (VN 169)

SUPERBOY 51/1 SEP 'The Secret Lives of Superboy' (John Sikela) (VN 110)
51/2 'My Super-Pet, Krypto' (John Sikela)
51/3 'The Super-Money of Smallville' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)

ADVENTURE 229/1 OCT 'The End of the Kent Family' (John Sikela) (VN 138)

SUPERBOY 52/1 OCT 'The Heroine of Smallville' (John Sikela) (VN 114)
52/2 'The Power Boy from Earth' (Curt Swan & John Fischeti)
52/3 'The Super-Robot' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)

ADVENTURE 230/1 NOV 'The Secret of the Flying Horse!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)

ADVENTURE 231/1 DEC 'The Super-Feats of Superbaby' (John Sikela) (VN 143)

SUPERBOY 53/1 DEC 'The Suit of Steel!' (John Sikela)
53/2 'The Super-Zoo from Krypton!' (John Sikela)
53/3 'Superboy's Switch in Time!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)


ADVENTURE 232/1 JAN 'The House Where Superboy Was Born' (John Sikela) (VN 147)

SUPERBOY 54/1 JAN 'Superboy's Substitute Suit' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD) (VN 120)
54/2 'The Sixth Clark Kent' (Curt Swan & John Fischetti or Creig Flessel) (Inker Source = GCD)
54/3 'The Silent Superboy' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 233/1 FEB 'Joe Smith, Man of Steel' (John Sikela) (VN 152)

ADVENTURE 234/1 MAR '1.001 Rides With Superboy' (John Sikela) (VN 156)

SUPERBOY 55/1 MAR 'The Mystery of the Space Trophies' (John Sikela) (VN 129)
55/2 'A V Visit from Superman's Pal' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)
55/3 'The Secret of Smallville High' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)

ADVENTURE 235/1 APR 'The Confessions of Superboy' (John Sikela) (VN 159)

SUPERBOY 56/1 APR 'The Secret of Fort Smallville' (John Sikela) (VN 139)
56/2 'Clark Kent, Vandal' (John Sikela)
56/3 'A Job for Super-Dog' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye)

ADVENTURE 236/1 MAY 'Clark Kent's Super-Dad!' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 237/1 JUN 'The Robot War of Smallville!' (John Sikela)

SUPERBOY 57/1 JUN 'The Strong Boys of Smallville!' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)
57/2 'The Boy of the Year's Contest!' (John Sikela)
57/3 'The One-Man Baseball Team!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)

ADVENTURE 238/1 JUL 'The Secret Past of Superboy's Father!' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)

SUPERBOY 58/1 JUL 'The 100 New Feats of Superboy!' (John Sikela)
58/2 'Superboy's New Secret Identity!' (John Sikela)
58/3 'The Great Kryptonite Mystery!' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley)

ADVENTURE 239/1 AUG 'The Super-Tricks of the Dog of Steel' (John Sikela) (VN 172)

ADVENTURE 240/1 SEP 'The Super-Teacher from Krypton' (John Sikela) (VN 164)

SUPERBOY 59/1 SEP 'Superboy's Underground Exile!' (Al Plastino)
59/2 'Superboy Meets Amazing Man!' (John Sikela)
59/3 'The Super-Dreams of Superboy!' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 241/1 OCT 'The Super-Outlaw of Smallville' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel) (VN 178)

SUPERBOY 60/1 OCT 'The $100.000 Quiz Kid' (Al Plastino) (VN 150)
60/2 'The Game of Kriss-Kross' (John Sikela)
60/3 'The Super Tales of Lana Lang' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 242/1NOV 'The Kid From Krypton!' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye) (VN Extra Abril 1959)

ADVENTURE 243/1 DEC 'The Super-toys from Krypton' (Swan & Klein) (VN 182)

SUPERBOY 61/1 DEC 'The Shrinking of Superboy' (John Sikela) (VN 154)
61/2 'The Well of Doom' (John Sikela)
61/3 'The School of Superboys' (John Sikela)


ADVENTURE 244/1 JAN 'The Poorest Family in Smallville' (John Sikela) (VN 185)

SUPERBOY 62/1 JAN 'The Story of Superboy's Sister' (Al Plastino) (VN 168)
62/2 'The Super-Clown of Smallville' (Creig Flessel)
62/3 'The Wildest Weather in the World' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 245/1 FEB 'The Mystery of Monster X' (Al Plastino) (VN 191)

ADVENTURE 246/1 MAR 'The Girl Whor Trapped Superboy' (C. Swan & Stan Kaye) (VN 195)

SUPERBOY 63/1 MAR 'The Trial Of Superboy!' (Creig Flessel)
63/2 'Clark Kent, Cub Reporter!' (John Sikela)
63/3 'The Two Boys of Steel!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)

ADVENTURE 247/1 APR 'The Legion of Superheroes' (Al Plastino) (VN 197)

SUPERBOY 64/1 APR 'Superboy's Unknown Rival' (John Sikela) (VN 198)
64/2 'Lana Lang's Super-Birthday' (Creig Flessel)
64/3 'The Rebel Superdog' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 248/1 MAY 'The Great Super-Powers Contest!' (Creig Flessel) (VN Extra Sept. 1959)

ADVENTURE 249/1 JUN 'The Stolen Superboy Cape' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye) (VN 202)

SUPERBOY 65/1 JUN 'The Super-Weakling frm Space' (George Papp) (VN 187)
65/2 'Superboy's Moonlight Spell' (Al Plastino)
65/3 'Tha Amazing Adventures of Krypto Mouse' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 250/1 JUL 'The Impostor From the Year 2958' (John Sikela) (VN 207)

SUPERBOY 66/1 JUL 'The Family With the X-Ray Eyes' (John Sikela) (VN 196)
66/2 'Clark Kent, Class Cheat' (George Papp)
66/3 'The World Through Superboy's Eyes' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 251/1 AUG 'Superboy's Last Day' (George Papp) (VN 213)

ADVENTURE 252/1 SEP 'The Super-Sentry of Smallville' (John Sikela) (VN 217)

SUPERBOY 67/1 SEP 'The Three Secret Identities of Superboy' (Al Plastino)
67/2 'The Execution of Krypto' (George Papp) (VN Extra JUL 1959)
67/3 'The Man Whor Destroyed Krypton' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 253/1 OCT 'Superboy Meets Robin the Boy Wonder' (Al Plastino) (VN Extra JUL 1959)

SUPERBOY 68/1 OCT 'The Amazing Bizarro I (George Papp) (VN 209)
68/2 'The Runaway Super-Creature II (George Papp)
68/3 'The Battle With Bizarro III (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 254/1 NOV 'I Was a Teen-Age Superboy!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 255/1 DEC 'The Splitting of Superboy!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 69/1 DEC 'How Superboy Learned to Fly!' (John Sikela)
69/2 'The Racer in the Leaden Mask!' (George Papp)
69/3 'The Indestructible Robot!' (George Papp)


ADVENTURE 256/1 JAN 'The Dragnet for Superboy' (Al Plastino) (VN 223)

SUPERBOY 70/1 JAN 'The Super-Brat' (George Papp) (VN 224)
70/2 'Superboy's Nightmare Dream House' (John Sikela)
70/3 'The Secret of Superbpy0s Spectacles' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 257/1 FEB 'The First Two Supermen' (Curt Swan & Ray Burnley) (VN 230)

ADVENTURE 258/1 MAR 'Superboy Meets the Young Green Arrow' (George Papp) (VN 237)

SUPERBOY 71/1 MAR 'Krypto, the Human Superdog!' (John Sikela)
71/2 'Bad Boy Clark Kent!' (George Papp)
71/3 'The Stolen Stunts of Superbaby!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 259/1 APR 'The Blinf Boy of Steel' (George Papp) (VN 241)

SUPERBOY 72/1 APR 'Rebello, the Human Robot' (John Sikela) (VN 236)
72/2 'The Day Superboy Was a Coward' (George Papp)
72/3 'The Flying Girl of Smallville' (Creig Flessel)

ADVENTURE 260/1 MAY 'The Kent's Second Superson' (John Sikela) (VN 244)

ADVENTURE 261/1 JUN 'Superboy Meets Lois Lane!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 73/1 JUL 'Superbaby in Scotland Yard' (C. Swan & G. Klein) (Muchnik Editores 313)
73/2 'Superboy's Glass House' (George Papp)
73/3 'The Dog Catcher of Smallville' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 262/1 JUL 'The Colossal Superdog' (George Papp) (VN 254)

SUPERBOY 74/1 JUN 'The Return of Jor-El and Lara' I (John Sikela) (VN 247)
74/2 'The Voyage to New Krypton' II (John Sikela)
74/3 'The Orphan of Steel' III (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 263/1 AUG 'The Great Superboy Doublecross' (John Sikela) (VN 256)

ADVENTURE 264/1 SEP 'The Helpless Hero!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 75/1 SEP 'Superboy's First Day of School' (George Papp) (VN 255)
75/2 'How Krypto Made History' (George Papp)
75/3 'The Punishment of Superboy' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 265/1 OCT 'The First Superman Robot' (George Papp) (VN 264)

SUPERBOY 76/1 OCT 'The Super-Monkey from Krypton' (George Papp) (VN 260)
76/2 'The Biggest in Smallville' (John Sikela)
76/3 'The Day Clark Kent Got a Haircut' (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 266/1 NOV 'The Super-Pranks of Krypto!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 267/1 DEC 'Prisoner of the Super-Heroes' (George Papp) (VN 272)

SUPERBOY 77/1 DEC 'The Space Adventures of Krypto!' (George Papp)
77/2 'The Grandson of Steel!' (John Sikela)
77/3 'Superboy's Best Friend!' (George Papp)


ADVENTURE 268/1 JAN 'The Week That Clark Kent Lost His Memory!' (Al Plastino)

SUPERBOY 78/1 JAN 'Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister' (John Sikela) (VN 269)
78/2 'The Origin of Superboy's Costume' (John Sikela)
78/3 'The Ghost of Jor-El' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 269/1 FEB 'Krypto's Mean Master!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 270/1 MAR 'The Stolen Identities' (George Papp) (VN 286)

SUPERBOY 79/1 MAR 'The Spoiled Superboy' (Al Plastino) (VN 273)
79/2 'The Notorious Captain Simbad Kent' (John Sikela)
79/3 'Life in Krypton' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 271/1 APR 'How Luthor Met Superboy!' (Al Plastino)

SUPERBOY 80/1 APR 'The Thief of Steel' (John Sikela) (VN 278)
80/2 'The Silent Boy in Town' (John Sikela)
80/3 'Superboy Meets Supergirl' (Curt Swan & John Forte)

ADVENTURE 272/1 MAY 'The Super-Star of Hollywood!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 273/1 JUN 'The Boy Who Was Stronger Than Superboy!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 81/1 JUN 'The Weakling from Earth!' Part I (George Papp)
81/2 'The Revolt of the Weaklings!' Part II (George Papp)
81/3 'The Millionaire Pupil!' (Al Plastino)

ADVENTURE 274/1 JUL 'The Monster That Stalked Smallville!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 82/1 JUL 'The Battle of the Robots I (John Sikela) (VN 291)
82/2 'The Battle of Krypto' II (John Sikela)
82/3 'The Battle of Superboy III (John Sikela)

ADVENTURE 275/1 AUG 'The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team' (George Papp) (VN 305)

ADVENTURE 276/1 SEP 'The Robinson Crusoe of Space' (Al Plastino) (VN 309)

SUPERBOY 83/1 SEP 'The Dreams of Doom!' (George Papp)
83/2 'The Old Mail of Smallville!' (Al Plastino)
83/3 'The Invasion of Krypton!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 277/1 OCT 'The Duel for Earth!' (George Papp)

SUPERBOY 84/1 OCT 'Superboy Meets William Tell!' (George Papp)
84/2 'The Rainbow Raider!' (George Papp)
84/3 'The Super-Injun of Smallville!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 278/1 NOV 'Supergirl in Smallville!' (Al Plastino)

ADVENTURE 279/1 DEC 'Superboy Visits The 50th Century!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)

SUPERBOY 85/1 DEC 'The Mystery of Mighty Boy!' Part I (George Papp)
85/2 'Superboy's Lost Friend!' (George Papp)
85/3 'The Impossible Mission!' (George Papp)


ADVENTURE 280/1 JAN 'Superboy and the Mermaid from Atlantis!' (Curt Swan & Creig Flessel)

SUPERBOY 86/1 JAN 'The Super Coward' (Al Plastino) (VN 312)
86/2 'The Boy Who Betroyed Clark Kent' (George Papp)
86/3 'The Army of Livin Kryptonite Men' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 281/1 FEB 'Superboy's New Parents!' (Al Plastino)

ADVENTURE 282/1 MAR 'Lana Lang and the Legion of Super-Heroes' (George Papp) (VN 386)

SUPERBOY 87/1 MAR 'When Lana Lang First Suspected Clark Kent!' (George Papp)
87/2 'Krypto's First Romance!' (George Papp)
87/3 'The Scarlet Jungle of Krytpon!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 283/1 APR 'The Phantom Superboy' (George Papp) (VN 341)

SUPERBOY 88/1 APR 'The Invader From Earth!' (Al Plastino)
88/2 'The One-Man Team!' (George Papp)
88/3 'The Saddest Boy in Smallville!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 284/1 MAY 'Clark Kent Goes to Reform School!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)

ADVENTURE 285/1 JUN 'Gravity Girl of Smallville!' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye)
285/2 JUN 'Tales of The Bizarro World!' (Wayne Boring)

SUPERBOY 89/1JUN 'Superboy's Big Brother' Part I (George Papp) (VN 337)
89/2 'The Secret of Mon-El' Part II (George Papp)
89/3 'The Super-Cop of Smallville' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye)

ADVENTURE 286/1 JUL 'The Witch of Smallville!' (Al Plastino)
286/2 JUL 'Bizarro, Private Detective!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 90/1 JUL 'The Girl Who Saw the Future Superboy!' (Al Plastino)
90/2 'The Unwanted Super-Tot!' (George Papp)
90/3 'Pete Ross' Super Secret!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 287/1 AUG 'War of the Superboys!' (George Papp)
287/2 'Jimmy Olsen's Kookie Scoops!' (John Forte)

ADVENTURE 288/1 SEP 'The Knave from Krypton!' (George Papp)
288/2 'Bizarro's Secret Identity!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 91/1 SEP 'Superboy's Civil War Time Trip!' (George Papp)
91/2 'The Superboy of Bigville!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)
91/3 'The Super-Hungry Super-heroes!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 289/1 OCT 'Clark Kent's Super-Father!' (George Papp)
289/2 'Bizarro's Amazing Buddies!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 92/1 OCT 'Superboy Meets Ben-Hur!' (Curt Swan & Stan Kaye)
92/2 'Krypto's Arch-Enemy!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 290/1 NOV 'The Secret od the Seventh Super-Hero!' (George Papp)
290/2 'The Invasion of the Bizarro World!' (John Forte)

ADVENTURE 291/1 DEC 'Superboy's Romance With Cleopatra!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)
291/2 'The Bizarro Perfect Crimes!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 93/1 DEC 'The Great Super-Hunt!' (Al Plastino)
93/2 'Lana Lang's Superboy Identity Detection Kit!' (George Papp)


ADVENTURE 292/1 JAN 'The Laughing Stock of Smallville!' (Al Plastino)
292/2 'Bizarro Creates a Monster!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 94/1 JAN 'The Superboy Revenge Squad!' (George Papp)
94/2 'The Boy of Steel Super-Initiation!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 293/1 FEB 'The Legion of Super-Traitors!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)
293/2 'The Good Deeds of Bizarro-Luthor!' (John Forte)

ADVENTURE 294/1 MAR 'Dial M for Monster!' (Al Plastino)
294/2 'The Halloween Pranks of the Bizarro Supermen!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 95/1 MAR 'The Landing on Earth!' Chapter I (George Papp)
95/2 'The New Life of Superboy!' Chapter II (George Papp)
95/3 'The Strange Fate of the Family From Krypton!' Chapter III (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 295/1 APR 'The Duel of the Superboys!' (George Papp)
295/2 'The Kookie Super-Ape!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 96/1 APR 'The New Boy of Steel!' Part I (George Papp)
96/2 'The Enemy Superboy!' Part II (Al Plastino)

ADVENTURE 296/1 MAY 'Benjamin Franklin's Super-Reporter!' (Al Plastino)
296/2 'The Case of the Super-Looney Lawyer! (John Forte)

ADVENTURE 297/1 JUN 'Lana Lang, Superboy's Sister!' (George Papp)
297/2 'The Bizarro Who Goofed Up History!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 97/1 JUN 'The Super-Mischief of Superbaby!' (George Papp)
97/2 'The Secret Life of Krypto!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 298/1 JUL 'The Fat Boy of Steel!' (Al Plastino)
298/2 'Tales of the Bizarro World!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 98/1 JUL 'The Super Student of Swankhurst Academy' (Al Plastino) (VN 387)
98/2 'The Boy With Ultra-Powers' (Curt Swan & George Klein)

ADVENTURE 299/1 AUG 'The Unwanted Superbaby' (George Papp)
299/2 'Car 45, Get Lost!' (John Forte)

ADVENTURE 300/1 SEP 'The Super Planet of Clark Kent and Lana Lang' (George Papp) (VN 396)
300/2 'El hombre de la máscara de plomo' (John Forte & Al Plastino)

SUPERBOY 99/1 SEP 'The Man Who Owned Superboy's Costume!' (George Papp)
99/2 'The Doom That Destroyed Clark Kent!' (George Papp)
99/3 'The Kryptonite Kid!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 301/1 OCT 'Lex Luthor and Clark Kent: Cell-Mates!' (Curt Swan & John Forte)
301/2 'The Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy!' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 100/1 OCT 'Ma and Pa Kent's Incredible Delusion!' (Curt Swan & George Klein)
100/2 'The Day Pete Ross Became Robot!' (George Papp)

ADVENTURE 302/1 NOV 'Superboy Meets Steelboy' (Curt Swan & George Klein)
302/2 'Solar Lost His Powers' (John Forte) (Versión Novaro. Núm 404)

ADVENTURE 303/1 DEC 'The Man Who Hunted Superboy' (George Papp) (VN 411)
303/2 'El espía fantástico' (John Forte)

SUPERBOY 101/1 DEC 'The Valhalla of Super-Companions!' (George Papp)
101/2 'The Handsome Hound of Steel!' (George Papp)



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