Charlie Brown and his Super-Heroe Friends starring Interlac #160 cover


The Interlac # 160 issue has been sent to me by Kevin Gould as a gift from Kevin McConnell. You can see here the cover with Charlie Brown and his friends as legionnaires and a very beautiful back cover simulating a Superboy issue by Mark Svensson. 130 pages full of articles and images related with the Legion of Super-Heroes writen by their fans with the following table of contents:

"Jo & Terry's Hyper-Space No.1" (A remembering of collecting the Legion) and "The Star Treck Legion" by the Sannings (Jo & Terri-Anne Sanning) comparing the Legion with Star Treck.
"A Marvel Coloring Book Gallery" by Roger Caldwell. With Marvel Characters to color.
"The Edible Complex #138" by Tom and Mary Bierbaum.
"Yes, we'll do it" by Valeria Beasly.
"Dispatch from Earth Issue #7" by Bretn Schultze.
"Clause 2-B Must Change #10" by Marc Svensson.
"Howl of the Witch Wolf #32" by Chris Brown.
"A Tale of Two Proties #29" by Eric Schultheis.
"T.O.P.K.A.T.Z. #159-51 by Topkatz.
"A Tesseract of Disorganization" by Karen Powell.
A picture and article about Eddy Zeno with his book about Curt Swan, by Ron Wolfe.
"The Time Cube #159" by Harry Broertjes.
"Weird Sax in the 30th Century #160" by Mercy VanValck.
"One Hundred Thirty-Four Number Gans" by Ken Gale.
"The Pasnic Press #126" by Kevin Gould.
"Foundation-Election Special" by by Keating DuGarm.
"QAVVIK Rev 6" by Kevin McConnell. Remembering and showing by pictures his trip to Europe. Kevin is rereading all his Legion comics and he plans to write about "44 years of the Legion"
"The Last Tromian Dies Another Day (108)" by Hass Yusuf.
"Reggae Haircut Rokk Krinn Roll" by Chris Companik.
"Kookies #106" by Roger Caldwell.

This is a 'zine for all Legionnaire fans to enjoy where you can read about the members of INTERLAC and all of their passion about the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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