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Here you have a short Supergirl's Biography about her main adventures, specifying the comic books number and data.

Supergirl arrives on Earth in ACTION COMICS 252 (May 1959).

She meets Jimmy Olsen, Superman's best friend, in SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 40 (October 1959) and even got married to him in a two parts imaginary story in SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 57 (December 1961). This adventure will be published again in ACTION COMICS 351 and 352 in 1967, and for the third time in SUPERMAN FAMILY 181 (January 1977).

She will have her first pet, Streaky the Supercat, in ACTION COMICS 261 (February 1960).

She'll try to join the Legion of Super-Heroes in ACTION COMICS 267 (August 1960). She will fail but join the Legion in ACTION COMICS 276 (MAY 1961). She will pass the text with Brainiac 5, who will fall in love with her and will be the second courting man after Jerro the Merboy who was the first one in ACTION COMICS 269 (October 1960).

She will meet Superboy in SUPERBOY 80 (April 1960).

She will lose her Superpowers for the first time in ACTION COMICS 278 (July 1961) when Superman had decided to present her to the World. She will be without her powers until ACTION COMICS 285, when is officially presented to the whole World.

While Supergirl was without powers, was adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers in ACTION COMICS 279 (August 1961).

In ACTION COMICS 292 (Septembre 1962), she will meet Comet the Superhorse, who is really Biron, a centaur of the ancient Greece.

Supergirl discovers that her birth parents are alive in the Survival Zone, in ACTION COMICS 309 (February 1964), they are released with the help of Fred Danvers in ACTION COMICS 310 (May 1964), and go to live in Kandor.

Comet will be Bronco Bill Star, the new Supergirl's courting man, in ACTION COMICS 311 (April 1964).

Supergirl will be graduated in Midavel High School and will go to study to Stanhope University in ACTION COMICS 318 (November 1964).

Linda will stay in Stanhope until her graduation in ADVENTURE COMICS 406 (May 1971), leaving the University and going to New York, looking for a job. Clark Kent gives her the address of the K-SFTV station in San Francisco, where she will meet Nasty, Lex Luthor's niece who suspects that Linda is Supergirl. (ADVENTURE COMICS 397 September 1970).

In ADVENTURE COMICS 404 (May 1971), Supergirl takes a pill that takes out her powers unexpectedly.

Supergirl will get tired of her anchorwoman job and will leave it in her own series THE DARING AND NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL NO.1 (November 1972). She will also leave San Francisco, moving 10 miles to her new residence Delta-Zan House where she will assist as theater's student in Vandyre University.

In SUPERMAN FAMILY 165 (July 1974), Linda will start new adventures as school counselor in the Experimental School of New Athens in Santa Augusta, Florida.

The next change will be in SUPERMAN FAMILY 208 (July 1981) when Supergirl moves to New York to be an actress in the TV comedy "Secret Hearts" untill she will miss her student life and will go to Chicago to the Lake Shore University when she will stay till the last adventure in SUPERGIRL 23.

You can see the many jobs of Supergirl reprinted in BEST OF DC BLUE RIBBON DIGEST NO. 17 (July 1981).

Of course, Supergirl died in CRISSIS ON INFINTE EARTHS NO. 7 (October 1985), but the last Supergirl's appearance as Kara without her Supercostume, will occur in CHRISTMAS WITH THE SUPER-HEROES NO.2 (1989), not in a Superman story but in a Deadman story written by Alan Brennert and drawn by Dick Giordano. Deadman complains, in Christmas Day, about nobody sees him helping people, when someone who sees him, tells him about the silent and altruistic work of the Super-Heroes, and refering to herself says: "...We do it because it needs to be done. Because if we don't, no one else will. And we do it even if no one knows what we've done. Even if no one knows we exists". When Deadman ask for her name, she answers: "My name is Kara. Though I doubt that'll mean anything to you."

This story was dedicated to Otto Binder and Jim Mooney.

The Supergirl writers were Otto Binder, Leo Dorfman and Edmond Hamilton in the first classic period, under the supervision of Mort Weisinger until his retirement in 1970. The next writers were Cary Bates, Mike Sekowsky, E. Nelson Bridwell, Len Wein, John Albano, Steave Skeates and Marv Wolfman in one ocasion during the ADVENTURE COMICS period.

In her first serie, SUPERGIRL, we have Cary Bates, Bob Kanigher and Arnold Drake.

During the 8 years of SUPERMAN FAMILY, Elliot S. Maggin, Cary Bates in number 180, Jack C. Harris in 182-190, 195-199 and 201-206. Gerry Conway in 191-193 and 200. Scott Edelman in 194. Bob Rozakis in 210. Martin Pasko in 211-216 and finally, Paul Kupperberg from SUPERMAN FAMILY 217-222 and SUPERGIRL 1-23.


In relation to the artists that have drawn Supergirl, you can see all her artists in:


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